Best Stunt Kite Accessories for Beginners 2021

Starting out flying stunt kites can be fun and rewarding but sometimes you need to find the best stunt kite accessories to help you enjoy the hobby just a little bit more.

From having some spare line on hand to making a statement with a tail, there are a lot of things that can help you enjoy your flying.

These accessories are the ones that I have needed in the past and have made my flying much more relaxing. If you have something you think should be added, feel free to leave a comment or use the contact link at the top of every page.

Best Stunt Kite Accessories

In the Breeze Dyneema Line Set
In the Breeze Dyneema Line Set $27-$32

If you fly your kite you will eventually need new line or stunt kite string. This In the Breeze Dyneema Line Set will solve the problem quickly and easily. While some people will save a little money and only replace one line, and attempt to sleeve it themselves, that is way too much hassle for me. This is particularly true since if one line broke, the other one isn’t far behind.

This set is already sleeved and ready to go, includes wrist straps (they go into the spare parts bag), winder, and come in varying strengths and lengths so you can find the right one for your application. In fact, I recommend you get one of these and stick it in your bag before a line breaks.

Remember that if they do not have the exact strength your kite came with (for example my Ion came with 130lb), get the next highest weight (I bought the 150lb x 80′).


HQ Kites and Designs 120519 Wrist Straps (Pair)
HQ Kites and Designs 120519 Wrist Straps (Pair) $15

Occasionally you may lose or damage a wrist strap. If you followed my advice above and ordered a spare line kit, then you have spares. If not, these HQ Kites and Designs 120519 Wrist Straps (Pair) are my favorites. They are strong, wide enough to not cut into your wrists and thin enough to control easily. I only recommend these for beginner kites and/or kites that will be flown at lower speeds (about 20mph or lower).


HQ Kites and Designs Padded Straps stunt kite accessories
HQ Kites and Designs Padded Straps $19-22

If you are more like me and spend most of your time with your heels dug in to the sand fighting a large kite in 30mph winds, then these HQ Kites and Designs Padded Straps are for you. No more bruising under your thumb and on the side of your hand. Available in several colors I bought the red and blue sets and now I have a backup pair in case something happens to my main straps.

I can not praise these enough. While I love flying in high gusty winds, I often had to stop because of the pain in my hands, no more. Not once since I got these have I had to stop, not once have I had a bruise on my hand. Worth every penny and then some these are my absolute must have stunt kite accessories.


HOLDPEAK 866B Digital Anemometer Handheld Wind Speed Meter
HOLDPEAK 866B Digital Anemometer Handheld Wind Speed Meter $24

I am constantly talking about wind speed, but how do you really know what the wind speed is? This HOLDPEAK 866B Digital Anemometer Handheld Wind Speed Meter will tell you that and more. This little guy will measure up to 30m/s (33m/s is a Category 1 hurricane so you shouldn’t be flying a kite anyway!) or 67mph which is about double the fastest winds I fly my high end kites in.

At a little over 6″ x 3″ it easily fits in the palm of your hand, or your pocket, and is easy to use.

Why use an Anemometer? Because all kites have a maximum safe wind speed you can fly them at. Sure, some of us exceed that a little, but knowing what the wind speed is tells me if I should pull out my kite that has a max of 20mph, or the one that maxes at 37mph (muhahahaha). While technically not stunt kite accessories, these are still awesome to have.

In the Breeze Rainbow Streamer Kite Tail, 32'
In the Breeze Rainbow Streamer Kite Tail, 32′ $14

I love kite tails, particularly single thin short ones that don’t impact the flying characteristics of my kites too much. This In the Breeze Rainbow Streamer Kite Tail, 32′ is the perfect example of the kind I love to fly. It is absolutely one of my favorite stunt kite accessories.

Not only do kite tails make a statement (look at me!) but they also help you keep track of the kite. This may seem a little ridiculous but often when I am glancing around to make sure there is no one in my way as I move along the beach the tail is what really alerts me out of the corner of my eye to where the kite is.

Prism Kite Repair Kit
Prism Kite Repair Kit $22

Sometimes something goes wrong, and when it does, this Prism Kite Repair Kit can come to the rescue. Loaded with different types of sail repair tape, assorted fittings and ferrules among other stunt kite parts, it can really help save a great day which would otherwise be ruined. Of course it can’t repair everything, but it can repair a lot of the more common issues and is not limited to Prism kites. Nothing feels better than performing a stunt kite repair in the field and getting back to stunt kite flying.


I hope this article has helped you pick out some useful stunt kite accessories!

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