5 Best Dual Line Stunt Kite for Beginners in 2021

Moving to a dual line stunt kite for beginners is the next logical step from a single line kite. With this upgrade, you can start to do tricks and make the kite do what you want it to do instead of constantly being at the mercy of the wind. While I enjoy flying other kites like my quad line stunt and single-line box kite, dual line stunt kites are what I pull out when I just want to release tension and have fun.

Stunt kite flying is one of the most relaxing things I have ever done. Finding the right kite, however, not so much. Let’s take a look at several models and see which one suits your needs the best.

The best dual line stunt kite for beginner

In the Breeze Colorwave 48 Inch Stunt Kite
In the Breeze Colorwave 48″ Stunt Kite $22

This In the Breeze Colorwave kite is the perfect starter kite if you are not sure you want to fly kites as a hobby. Want a fun toy for a weekend at the beach and may never use it again? Excellent choice! Rated at 6-20mph it is a versatile kite that is more at home in steady winds than gusts.

Don’t let that fool you though, this is by no means a disposable kite. While it does not seem as robust as the HQ, Bold Innovations, or Prism kites listed below it certainly has survived its share of crashes into the sand.

I hate the packaging/case this thing comes in but the line and handles are more than good enough for a kite in this price range. For an inexpensive starter, I would not hesitate to get one of these and indeed have given a couple as gifts.

HQ Quickstep II Beginner 53 inch Sporting Kite
HQ Quickstep II Beginner 53″ Sporting Kite $24

HQ is one of my favorite brands and they do not disappoint with their Quickstep II Beginner Sporting Kite with a 53″ width. This replaces the In The Breeze Cosmic Alien Stunt kite that was in this position in 2019 as that kite has become hard to find and is no longer listed on the manufacturer’s website.

One thing I love about my HQ kites is they usually have an excellent wind range, and this one is no exception with its 4-24 mph wind speed ratings. Honestly, I am not sure about the low end as whenever the wind is that low where I fly, it is also a little gusty and so I have a hard time at that speed.

What I can say is that if the wind speed seems low but steady, this kite launches easily. It is a little trickier than the Colorwave listed above to keep flying straight and even as it seems more ready to do tricks than just sit there and fly. I could probably adjust it a little better and get that under control but right now I will call it a tad “darty” for a beginner kite, but absolutely wonderful once you get past the straight and level part and into some loops.

HQ Kites Bebop Dream Sport Kite
HQ Kites Bebop Dream Sport 57″ Kite $58

I have a great respect for HQ kites and have flown quite a few. In fact, my favorite two kites which are always in my kite bag are both HQs. This HQ Bebop Dream kite is a quality and fun kite to start your dual line stunt kite hobby. Not only does it launch and fly well, it is quite the looker too. Rated at 9-24mph it can handle some fairly serious wind.

A little bigger than many stunt kites for beginners it still handles with pinpoint accuracy. While made for beginners, and not really a pro stunt kite, it will certainly stand up to many of the rigors of more advanced flyers tricks.

Included is an excellent carry bag for the kite, two nice wrist straps (very unusual for a kite in this price range), and a winder. As with all my HQ products, this seems to be one of the best value for money kits out there.

My experience with HQ products came later on in my kite flying so I did not start with one of their beginner kites however with all the HQ kites I have flown (from beginner dual line stunt kite models to advanced quad line models) I have no problem saying this is my favorite kite in this roundup both from a performance standpoint, but also from the best value standpoint.Bold Innovations Rainbow Falcon Kite

Bold Innovations Rainbow Falcon 47″ Kite $50This is the kite I started with and I do not for a second regret it. The Bold Innovations Falcon is one of the most fantastic beginner stunt kites as it is well behaved, easy to launch, and very robust. I  lost count of how many times I crashed this kite into the sand and surf. The only problem I had was that the sand acted as sandpaper to the nose from the repeated crashes and wore a hole in the heavy nylon cloth on the nose piece which my wife sewed back together in a few minutes.

The line, winder, and handles that came with the kite were more than adequate for this level of a kite and I had no problems with them. The case that it comes in with the clear window was a little disappointing as the clear plastic piece starts to crack and fall apart pretty quickly. I would have preferred to have one without the clear window but I understand that is there so potential buyers in the store can see the cool colors.

While rated at 5-18mph I can assure you I have flown this kite in far stronger winds than that and it worked well.

I still have this kite and still carry it in my kite bag with my higher end kites. It is wonderful to play with even after you outgrow it. It is also an excellent kite to keep around in case someone new to the hobby comes up and wants to try their hand at flying a stunt kite.

Prism Jazz Dual-line Stunt Kite
Prism Jazz Dual line Stunt 62″ Kite $53

Prism has a great reputation with dual line stunt kite flyers and the Prism Jazz Dual line stunt kite does not disappoint. Every bit the kite of the HQ Bebop it comes down to little things. All of the prism stunt kites are well made and well behaved in the air.

The Prism uses carbon-fiberglass hybrid supports instead of the fiberglass that all the rest of the kites in this roundup use. This helps provide a superior frame for the kite which increases it’s rigidity in the air while maintaining its ability to crash without being destroyed.

Just like the HQ, it comes with a nice case, winder, and wrist straps. The one nitpick I have is that the wrist straps I received with both black instead of the red and blue with the HQ. Yes, I know that is minor, but I really like the idea of having them color-coded so I know which one is which should the line get twisted and tangled.

Rated at 5-25mph it is the most versatile kite in this roundup able to fly in low and high wind conditions with equal ease.

Bottom line

If you are looking for something to launch you into stunt kite flying for many years, stunt kite manufacturers such as HQ and Prism are where you need to look. This is an excellent gateway to quad line kite flying and HQ makes an excellent quad line kite.

If on the other hand you are looking for something inexpensive as a gift, or to play with on your vacation on the beach, the In The Breeze kites might be a better choice.

I hope this article helped you choose the best dual line sport kite for beginners

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  1. Just the type of article I was looking for. I just purchased my first dual-line stunt kite today and ended up going with the HQ LIMBO II LAVA. I figured it’d be a good intro – mid range kite to start with.

    Thanks for the info..


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