Best Single Line Kite For Kids in 2021

Finding the best single line kite for kids can be a challenge because there are so many out there to choose from. The truth is that any small well made delta kite would probably suffice, including most of the ones from stores like Walmart and Academy. Unfortunately there are some that are not that good as well so unless you live right next to the store, getting a bad one and having an upset child might not be something you want to chance. Then maybe your child wants something a little different than the typical delta, and there are some good ones.

Lets take a look at some of the best kites for kids starting off with ones for the youngsters and move up a little in age.

Best Single Line Kite For Kids

aGreatLife Huge Rainbow Kite for Kids
aGreatLife Huge Rainbow Kite for Kids $11

The aGreatLife Huge Rainbow Kite for Kids is the top result in Amazon searches, and for good reason, it is a colorful and easy to fly kite that kids love. At 42″ it is small enough for your child to handle while being large enough to be a lot of fun.

The wide rainbow colored tail is quite the crowd pleaser and really make a beautiful statement in the sky.

Complete with string and a nice simple handle, this kite is just a few seconds away from flying when you get it with everything needed ready to go. This one really is one of the best cheap kites for kids.


In the Breeze Rainbow 27 Inch Diamond Kite
In the Breeze Rainbow 27 Inch Diamond Kite $13

Want something a little more traditional than a delta design? Try this In the Breeze Rainbow 27 Inch Diamond Kite kit which come complete with string, winder, and a tail. In the Breeze is a very popular manufacturer of all types of kites, particularly focusing on the beginner, and they do a great job. If you want a traditional shape and size kite for kids, you would be hard pressed to beat this one.

Another great thing about this kite is that it comes in two different sizes (27″ and 39″) and nine different colors (6 for the 27″ and 3 for the 39″). Want to be patriotic? Really bright with some neon? How about a little menacing with some black and red? They have you covered. This is absolutely one of the best small kites for kids.

Moon Glow Sports Delta Kite for Kids
Moon Glow Sports Delta Kite for Kids $30

If you are looking for something a little bigger perhaps for a slightly older child, this Moon Glow Sports Delta Kite for Kids is a whopping 60″ wide but still flies nice and easy. I think this is probably the best kids kite for middle-aged children however every child is different so you will need to be the judge.

A larger kite like this will typically fly in lower winds, be a little more docile in gusts, but will tend to pull harder in high or gusty winds so it may not really be suitable for young children. The size also means it is really nice looking in the sky.

This kit includes line, a winder, a nice removable tail, a quick-release on the line, and a pretty nice carry case for everything.


Brainstorm Dragon WindnSun 3-D Nylon Kite, 76 inch
Brainstorm Dragon WindnSun 3-D Nylon Kite, 76″ $32

For almost teens or young teens at the beach you would be hard pressed to beat this Brainstorm Dragon WindnSun 3-D Nylon 76″ Kite. This is without a doubt one of the most amazingly cool kites for kids.

Not only is this kite simple to fly, it is an incredibly beautiful kite in full 3D. Up close, or at the end of the line up in the sky, it will get everyone’s attention and provide a ton of enjoyment. Complete with line and winder, it is ready to go in just a few minutes.


In the Breeze Colorwave 48 Inch Stunt Kite
In the Breeze Colorwave 48 Inch Stunt Kite $22

For virtually any teen, kite flying can get boring quickly. Swap that single line kite for this dual line In the Breeze Colorwave 48 Inch Stunt Kite and they won’t want to put it down, even when their phone signals a message! It is also the best kites for adults in this roundup.

While single line kites are easy to fly for the youngest in the group, they go up, they fly, they go down. This two line kite does that, then can do tricks like loops and flips. You can only hope your child gets bored with this kite so you get the chance to take it for a spin, literally!

This complete ready to fly kit will have you up and running in a matter of a couple minutes.


Any kite from this list would be a lot of fun for any kid, and many adults. If you really want to keep your child interested, the two line stunt kite is the best bet as it can keep them occupied and out of trouble for many hours. It is also something that can be used time and time again, any time you get to a windy spot.

If you get them (or yourself) really interested into flying kites, there are always kite festivals which can be an absolute blast.

I hope this article helps you find the perfect kite for kids for your child!



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