5 Best Dual Line Stunt Kites for Intermediates in 2021

Once you have the bug for dual line stunt kites it always seems you want more. The kites in this roundup have what it takes to give you that next rush of adrenaline, and another, and another, for years to come. In fact, most of the fliers I know never move beyond this level of kite.

From doing tricks indoors by walking backward, to fighting to keep from being drug down the beach in winds over 35mph, these dual line stunt kites mean business. The middle one in this roundup is the kite I reach for 90% of the time I want to fly. Why? Because it is by far the most thrilling kite I own (and yes, I own more expensive and quad line kites). My rule of thumb is that when the red flags go up, my Ion comes out to play 😉

High winds and extreme speed in your kite may not be what you are looking for, so there are five different dual line stunt kites below, all of which are excellent flyers.

5 Best Dual Line Stunt Kites for Intermediates

Prism Quantum Dual line Stunt Kites
Prism Quantum Dual-line Stunt Kite $106

The Prism Quantum Dual-line Stunt Kite is an excellent product in the intermediate class of dual line stunt kites which is quite well behaved. Prism is one of the two most recognized names on the beach when it comes to these types of dual line stunt kites and this one shows you why.

Well built and well behaved are what come to mind when performing stunts with this kite. The beautiful colors are amazing in flight with its 87″ wingspan. With its generous 5-25mph wind speed capabilities you can fly this kite in virtually any environment you would want to. From beginner loops to pro tricks, this kite can handle anything.

This would be the generic introduction to intermediate level dual line stunt kites. While it isn’t overly talented at anything, in particular, it is well rounded and very capable.

Dream On Dual line Stunt Kites
SkyDog Dream On Dual line Stunt Kites $129

The Dream On Dual line Stunt Kites produced by SkyDog are interesting 87″ kites from a very small company in Connecticut. Rated at 3-20mph it seems more at home in the fields and mountains than it is on the beach but the handling is superb. With wrapped carbon spars it is light, durable, and agile.

SkyDog prides themselves on using only the best quality components and construction methods to ensure the best possible dual line stunt kites and their flying experience. This is evidenced by the fact that they win quite a few awards for their kite’s construction and flight characteristics.

Not only are they amazing dual line stunt kites to fly, but being from a boutique manufacturer all but guarantees you will not see another one of these on the same beach as yours.

HQ Kites and Designs 11660120 Ion Kite
HQ Kites and Designs 11660120 Ion Kite $133

My favorite in this bunch is the HQ Kites and Designs 11660120 Ion Kite. Yup, I am biased for these dual line stunt kites because they have done everything I have ever asked them to do, and they did it perfectly. They have also flown in higher winds than any of the others without problems (although I admit this was more by accident than design). Using a combination of carbon, fiberglass, and hybrid supports, it uses the best materials in the best possible place for the ultimate in-flight characteristics. Indeed, of all the dual line stunt kites I own, this one is by far my favorite.

If I was completely without a kite and needed one in virtually any conditions, this is the one I would go looking to buy. If it broke, I would replace it with the same model immediately.

OK, enough of my gushing, why do I like this kite? It is the perfect balance of good behavior and capability. Rated at up to 37mph it will fly well above that should a gust come along, dragging you down the beach with it even though it only has an 81″ wingspan. It will also slam into the ground a few times without damage, other than to your ego. I have a full review here should you want to read it.

There is just something about seeing other people put their kites away because the wind is exceeding 30mph, then with that little evil smirk on your face, you pull out the Ion and pray for stronger winds.

The image above is the Jungle green color, I personally prefer the Blaze color scheme but they were out of that color when I made this post, sorry.

Prism Hypnotist 94 inch wingspan dual line stunt kites
Prism Hypnotist 94″ wingspan sport kite

I was recommending the Prism E3 here but it seems to no longer be available so instead I will recommend the Prism Hypnotist 94″ wingspan sport kite. While I will miss the E3, there are many excellent dual line stunt kites and this is one. This is basically the wing geometry of the competition-level Quantum Pro with the frame of the Quantum (recommended at the top of this page) according to their literature and while I do not own the Quantum Pro, I certainly see the frame from the Quantum in this kite.

What else I see is a kite that that is eager to perform, much more so than the Quantum was. This means it is more responsive, a little darty (which is good in moderation for a trick kite), and easy to steer in and out of the corners. With the 85’ x 150# low-stretch Dyneema flying lines you can really pull on the kite for instant response when you need it.

While rated at 4-25mph I have to admit the kite makes me a little nervous when you start to reach the upper end of that range. I haven’t had any issues but it just doesn’t feel right in 25mph winds. Then again, I usually am flying my HQ Ion in high winds so maybe I am just used to that.

Let’s just say in my experience, from about 5-6mph up to 20mph this kite has been an excellently performing dual line stunt kites and seems eager to do tricks.


Prism 4D Ultralight dual line Stunt Kites
Prism 4D Ultralight Stunt Kite $105

The Prism 4D Ultralight Stunt Kite is a little different than the ones we have talked about previously in that it is designed to fly in extremely light wind, even indoors. At 70 grams this is by far the lightest kite in the group and they claim that you can fly it in zero wind such as indoors by simply walking backwards. It is also the smallest with a 58″ wingspan. I have to admit, I have not tried that as I am sure I would destroy everything inside the building by doing that.

Outside however it does indeed fly when other kites can’t, and it does it very well. The only real down sides are that has a max wind speed of 15mph and flies like you are flying nothing but line. Once you are used to there being no weight to it, it is a lot of fun to fly, particularly when no one else can 😉

I hope this article helps you choose the Best Dual Line Stunt Kites for Intermediates

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