Bold Innovations Falcon Sport Kite Review 2021

A review of the Bold Innovations Falcon Sport Kite.

When I first walked into a kite shop as an adult I of course fell in love with a $160 kite, that’s just my nature. Fortunately I am also wise enough (occasionally) that I know better than to buy something that expensive to learn a new hobby with. Particularly since this hobby most probably would feature semi-fragile objects hurtling into the ground at a high rate of speed, repeatedly.

Looking around in the Kites Unlimited store on Galveston Island in Texas I found the answer to my problem in the Bold Innovations Falcon/Flash Sport Kite. For around $40 one could have roughly a 48″ wingspan dual line stunt kite with everything set up and ready to fly, right now. The only things you had to do was plug some rods into some rubber connectors, connect the included line to the kite lines, and you were good.

There were four things I wanted from this kite: good looks, ability to do rudimentary stunts, reasonable durability, and for it to be cheap enough that when I destroy it (not if), I will not be upset at having to buy another. I got most of that.

Flash Sport Kite crashing into the ground Bold Innovations Falcon Sport KiteThe only thing the Bold Innovations Falcon Sport Kite fails at is that it has crashed repeated into the sand, repeatedly into the ocean, and once into a parked car, yet it has only suffered minor damage to one of the fabric joints which my wife fixed with her sewing machine in just a couple of minutes. I was expecting complete destruction on the first day and here it is over a year later and it is as good as new.

The image to the left shows a rare view of this Falcon Sport Kite crashing at full speed into the beach. Note the nose of the kite is deformed horribly even though the kite was undamaged and flying again within minutes.

Bold Innovations Falcon Sport Kite Specifications

Size (w x h): 47 x 23 in.

Wind Range: 5 – 18 mph

Fabric: Polyester

Frame: Solid Fiberglass

Packaging: Carrying case

Included: 65 lb. low stretch line & handles

Flash Sport Kite flying highFor your $50 or so you get the kite completely outfitted needing only minor assembly (put this shaft into this rubber joint, etc.). Included you have both lines and two handles, all is a reasonable little carrying case. Simply attach the lines to the leaders installed on the kite using a larkshead knot, unspool the line and launch the kite.

My only complaint is that the case it is in uses some clear plastic windows so you can see the colors of the kite before you buy it, marketing 101 I suppose. This plastic hardens and starts cracking quickly, leading to a case with a bunch of holes in it. Then again, for what I paid for it this is really being nitpicky.

Conclusions on the Falcon Sport Kite

Would I buy the Bold Innovations Falcon Sport Kite again? Absolutely. In fact, if this one ever gets lost or damaged I will probably buy another one because this is the perfect kite to let someone else fly who wants to learn. No, you can NOT fly my Ion or Mojo, but you can fly this!

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Thanks for reading my review of the Bold Innovations Falcon Sport Kite!


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